As the country reels from yet another tragic shooting, the response from government has been to move swiftly to enact gun restriction laws. But simply restricting access to guns will not solve the problem, nor will blaming gun enthusiasts either. Putting the blame on violent video games or movies will not achieve anything as well.

Before we can come up with viable solutions, we must first develop a compassionate understanding of the culture of guns that has become ubiquitous in our society. I, like many people in this country, have questions that beg to be answered.

My purpose is to create an understanding of the gun culture so a dialogue is possible. My vision is to create an understanding and compassion for the gun culture, both from pro and anti-gun groups. I intend to reveal the humanity that I know exists in the gun culture that will allow even the staunchest of anti-gun supporters to relate to a culture no different than any other culture in our society.

- Mike Webb

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